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Private Dinners with chef Woody

Hosting a dinner?

Planning a get together with friends?

Do you want to dine like you are in a restaurant without the need to leave the comfort of your home?

Chef Woody and the team have been busy cooking up a storm in kitchens lately and has really enjoyed the intimate dining and interactions with guests. If you follow us on our socials you will know what we mean.  

So invite us over to your place so you and you loved ones can delve into our modern Cambodian feast.

We prepare, We cook, We serve, We clean

Contact us at or DM us through our socials.

modern cambodian cuisine

We've evolved from amok in Chapel Street, Windsor to now become mahob by amok.

We've been working around the clock to bring modern Cambodian cuisine back, even if it's temporary. So gather your friends, family and the whole tribe to enjoy the punchy flavours amok was renowned for. And for those that have yet to try something different, we're excited to introduce our interpretation of modern Cambodian cuisine to your taste buds.

mahob (ម្ហូប)

we're uniting people through food

Food brings the connection of kinship, love, joy and laughter. It nourishes us and heightens our senses. So we source quality ingredients and produce to help us create memorable experiences that are anticipated and savoured.


mahob is about sharing a meal together

It is customary for Cambodian families to serve communal meals for family and friends to share together. Life is special and every little moment is important. So let's enjoy our meals together, be present, love the moment we're living now, have fun, and be surrounded by everything that brings out the best in us.

Because it's these moments that create lasting memories that you will cherish.

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