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Woody Chet

Head Chef / co-founder

Woody loves trying different flavour combinations and using modern cooking techniques to put a spin on traditional Cambodian dishes.

When he first arrived in Australia, he noticed that there were lots of cuisines represented but nothing from his homeland. This inspired him to create something that would represent and make his motherland proud.

Hailing from Coda and Tonka, his dream has always been to open a modern Cambodian restaurant that would offer something new and different.


He opened amok restaurant in 2015 making it his mission to introduce modern Cambodian cuisine. After seven glorious but often challenging years in Chapel Street, it was time to take on another challenge. 

Driven by his love and drive to make Cambodian cuisine known, mahob by amok was born.

Binod Sunar

Sous Chef

His love of cooking brought him to Australia from Nepal in 2009.
Binod and Woody met while working at Coda and Tonka which kickstarted a longstanding and brotherly friendship


In 2013, he challenged himself to learn a new cuisine at a French restaurant, Moulin Noir then moved to San Telmo steak restaurant before joining the amok family at its conception in May 2015.

At home, he enjoys cooking Asian, Indian and Nepalese food and in his spare time, enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, watching movies and drinking beer.

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