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two weeks to go!

You're invited to join us on Sunday, 24 March with two dinner sessions (5pm & 7:30pm) to choose from. Delight your appetite with our popular chef's sharing menu ($85 per person + service fee, min. two people) that will feature some new exciting dishes with our crowd favourites.

Families and groups are also welcome where they'll enjoy our kids menu (12 years & under) for $20 per child. 

chef's sharing menu ($85 pp, min. 2 people)


freshly shucked South Australian oyster, Cambodian grown Kampot pepper, pickled seaweed, lemon and crispy shallot (gf)  

new freshly caught Bass Strait kingfish, pomelo, pomegranate, organic herbs (gf)  

new lobster mousse, pouched coconut chilli lemongrass, lobster, fermented fish, peanuts, black caviar (gf) 

Cambodian style grilled corn, black garlic, spring onion, shaved parmesan cheese (v, gf) 

crowd favourite Queensland wild caught Tiger Prawn, caramelised onion, chocolate bacon, pickled sweet gherkin, watercress & truffle oil, brioche roll 

mains to share

crowd favourite prahok Ktis, eggplant mince pork, salad (gf)


new grilled San Remo locally caught seafood mix, tamarind sauce, peanuts, greens (gf)  




beef ribs (Cambodian Khor Kor,)  pizza bread, sawtooth coriander (gf)


crowd favourite amok fish, baked Murray cod, served (gf) 

All mains are served with jasmine rice (vegan)


new sticky crunchy glutenous rice, coconut, vanilla palm sugar cream, macadamia avocado ice cream, fermented drunken rice (v) 

kid's menu ($20 pp, 12 years & under)




crispy eggplant chips seasoned with toasted rice and lemon honey yoghurt sauce (v) 

Cambodian style grilled corn, black garlic, spring onion (v, gf) 

crowd favourite crispy chicken ribs marinated in house-made kroeung, Cambodian grown Kampot black pepper served with green chilli mayo sauce (6pcs) (gf)

jasmine rice (vegan)

avocado ice cream (v)

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